The Spoiled Rotten Client Experience

The salon experience is about so much more than walking out of the salon with healthy, beautiful natural hair. We all crave that one on one personalized attention. We want appointment booking to be easy. We want professional, manageable natural hair that is absolutely breathtaking, without the stress. 

The Spoiled Rotten Pampered Client Experience removes all of the stress of caring for your hair. You shouldn't be spending your time chasing down appointments or searching for answers on youtube. You should be living your life feeling like a supermodel everday...with ease.


Take a moment to look at the packages and all that is included. Spoiled Rotten Pampered Client Experience is an all inclusive hair care package and salon membership with a full face makeover and photo shoot designed to spoil you rotten. 

Why invest in a Spoiled Rotten pampered Experience?

Because no one wants to spend an entire day in the salon, because stressing over natural hair care needs is overrated, because you deserve a relaxing salon experience everytime that is catered to your specific natural hair care & life concerns...Purchasing a Pampered Package is about making the smartest decision for your natural hair & sanity. It will save you time, unnecessary stress, allow you to get the appointments you want, & return to the one on one pampered salon experience you crave...all the while receiving the VIP treatment you deserve. 

I can't tell you how often one of my clients says, "Sundi, if I ever win the lottery, I'm going to hire you to be my personal stylist on call for all of my hair needs. I want my hair to look like this everyday. I want to feel like a celeb all of the time." 

Soooo, you haven't hit the lotto yet, but the Spoiled Rotten Pampered Client Experience is the way to feel like you have a personal stylist on call for all of your hair needs. I have a thing for wanting to make the everyday woman feel like a superstar everyday. As I created this package, I was thinking about all of the thing that I could include to make you feel absolutely beautiful everyday.

What comes with a Pampered experience?

I know you've heard a thousand times that membership has advantages...

You get:

  • Preferential Booking

  • Last minute appointments are available for Pampered Package Members

  • Separate appointment booking information for super quick response times

  • Sunday and evening appointment availability

  • Detailed Hair & Scalp Analysis

  • Customized 12 month plan of care

  • Quarterly customized Product Box

  • Full Face Makeover and Photo Shoot w/Tanisha Walker

  • Invite to Snack & Chat Information Events 

  • 15% discount on styles not included in package 

  • All hair needed for any style is included in the package

What exactly is a Pampered Package?

The Pampered Package is designed for the client who wants every thing about caring for their natural hair to be EASY! Each package is created to include everything you need to have beautiful healthy hair. It is a 12 month all inclusive hair care package. 

All of your treatments, trims, styles, products, & just about anything else you need is included in your package. The services in your package are good for 12 months. Make your appointment, come in, enjoy your glass of wine, tea, or water, and leave the rest to me. Pampered package members should be prepared to be spoiled rotten! I will carefully monitor the progress of your hair, always making sure that your hair needs are met before you even think about it. 


How does this Pampered Package thing work?


You will decide which package is best for you. Once you decide, click here to send an email to get registered.  We will send a link to submit payment. You can pay in 1 or 3 payments.Once you purchase the package, you will receive an email with the exclusive appointment booking phone number. Someone from the salon will contact you within 24 hours to schedule your initial appointment. When you come in for your first appointment, Sundi will do an extensive, detailed hair and scalp analysis. You will discuss all of your hair care concerns and goals with Sundi. During your initial appointment, you will receive the information to book your full face makeover and photo shoot. This can be booked at anytime during the 12 months. In the week following your initial appointment, Sundi will create a detailed 12 month plan of action and product box designed to help achieve your hair goals.  

Crochet Braid Spoiling 


  • All of your crochet braid needs 

  • Membership EXTRAS

  • 7 crochet braid installs including hair

  • Customized product box

  • 2 Blow Outs

  • All conditioners, trims, treatments

  • Preferential appointment booking

Natural Style Spoiling
  • 20 Natural Stlyes

  • All treatments, trims, conditioners

  • Quarterly product boxes

  • makeover & photo shoot

  • Membership EXTRAS

  • Prefrential booking 

Mixed Bag Spoiling
  • 3 Crochet Braid Styles

  • 13 natural styles

  • All treatments, trims, & conditioners

  • Quarterly product boxes

  • makeover & photo shoot

  • Preferential appointment booking

  • Membership EXTRAS

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